Tariff and Charges

Please see below a table of charges for examination. 

Charges for Examination




Customs Examination Fee per Entry



Customs Examination Fee per Removal



For every container X Rayed by Customs



Port Health Exam or Identity Check in addition to Statutory Exam & X Ray -   Refrigerated Cargo



Port Health Exam or Identity Check in addition to Statutory Exam & X Ray -   Dry Goods



Export examination if called for inspection- charged to shipping line or agent



Other Exams for refrigerated e.g. DEFRA, Forestry Commission, MCA, Police, Trading Standards, Environment Agency and any other statutory bodies



Other Exams for dry goods e.g. DEFRA, Forestry Commission, MCA, Police, Trading Standards, Environment Agency and any other statutory bodies




Examination Fees

Customs examination fees per container apply to loaded import containers and cover the cost of moves to and from the Customs exam area, gas checking as appropriate and all examination types - tail board, part or full outturn, replacing and reporting seal numbers.

Additional Examination

Fees cover one examination per container. In the event that DP World Southampton is instructed by a statutory authority to undertake additional examinations the following charges are applicable.




Moves to and from the Examination Sheds, per container, per exam



Outturn and repack, per hour, including gas check and venting if appropriate




ISPS and Infrastructure Charges

ISPS charges are subject to ongoing review dependent on any new security regulations that might be introduced during the year. Any changes that might be necessary will be communicated to lines and forwarders prior to introduction.

ISPS Charge per Loaded Container


(To be reviewed periodically).

Infrastructure Charge

For the recovery of the private sector funding of the rail gauge upgrade from Southampton to Nuneaton to connect to the West Coast Main Line.  

Infrastructure charge per laden import container



Container weighing charges

From 1 July 2016, all laden export containers will be required to have a certified Verified Gross Mass (VGM) before being loaded onto a vessel.  This is to comply with the new international SOLAS (safety of life at sea) regulations.  You can find out more about the service DP World Southampton is offering on our dedicated container weighing site http://containerweighing.dpworld.co.uk/  Here you will also find more details about our container weighing charges listed below as well as pricing exceptions.

For our service applying to all laden export containers loaded on a vessel on or after 1 July 2016 we will charge one of the following fees to recover our investments and additional (administrative) recurring costs:

Where the VGM is provided prior to arrival at the terminal £1.00
VGM provision after box arrival but before 24 hour cut-off £3.00
Where the terminal is requested to weigh the container and provide a TVGM with electronic signature


If the VGM provided by shipper/line differs more than 500 kg or 5% from the terminal determined weight, the TVGM will be used and the following charge applies:

£1 (VGM before gate) or £3 (VGM after gate) + £17.50 + £10 (mis-declaration fee)

If a shipper VGM is expected, but not provided by the vessel cut-off time (24 hrs before vessel arrival) or prior to arrival of the container, the charge will be:  £3 (VGM after gate) + £17.50

The £1 charge covers:
• Registration with CNS Compass and access to the new VGM functionality of CNS Compass.  
  You can  register with CNS Compass here
• Option to ‘claim’ your export containers and provide your VGM for each container direct to the terminal, if not done through the shipping line.
• Processing of all VGM data to the relevant parties including the shipping line
• Changes to our IT systems to prevent containers without VGM to be loaded on board.
• Regular checks and VGM reporting as requested by the MCA
• Even if the terminal did not provide a direct weighing service for shippers, we have to invest to ensure compliance with the new SOLAS regulations and this charge is intended to recover this investment and the recurring costs.

The above charges may be passed on with a surcharge by the Shipping Line or Freight Forwarder if not charged directly through the Port Community System CNS Compass. For these costs to be charged directly to shippers or their agents, the correct CNS identification needs to be provided for each laden export container, otherwise the charge will be made through the Shipping Line.

Please note: The terminal will be required to provide relevant information to the MCA for auditing and examination purposes, which is included in the above charges.

Our prices and public tariffs are subject to annual RPI changes.


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