Unbeatable Combination

Watch our corporate film and find out about out unbeatable combinationstrategic location, reliable sea access and excellent inland distribution routes.


We have the Isle of Wight and our upriver location to thank for our remarkably sheltered position. Protected from the prevailing winds, it takes some pretty rough conditions to stop us working. Our cranes continue to load and unload some of the largest ships in the world when strong winds force other ports to halt operations.

Deeper, for longer

We benefit from Southampton’s unique ‘double tide’, giving us a longer tidal window to handle the deepest draught ships.


Our strategic location on the UK’s south coast makes us the ideal first or last port of call for the container ships serving the Northern Europe-Far East trades – with minimal deviation from the main shipping lanes. That’s why we are the port of choice for many of the biggest names in the container shipping industry.

Transit times

We are directly connected to 34 ports throughout Asia. Our location offers cargo owners competitive transit times from these important markets.

Heading inland

Road, rail or feeder ship, we provide an unrivalled mix of options when it comes to onward distribution – through the UK, around the UK and into mainland Europe.


We offer the efficiencies, environmental benefits and economy of scale that come from being one of Europe’s largest container terminals.

Current Port Status: