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Terminal Update  published 10/10/2018
Dear customer

Further to our recent communication about very high stack levels at DP World Southampton, we can advise you that the situation has improved.  There is no congestion and truck turnaround times are back to their expected operational levels.  

We still have a very high number of empty containers in our yard and the dwell time (the length of time a container stays in the terminal before it is picked up or shipped out) is higher than average.

This means that, while our operational performance has improved, our stack levels still remain high.  

We are continuously monitoring and managing the stack levels to ensure that we can maintain our service and productivity. 

We are working with our shipping line customers to ensure empty containers are shipped out in good time.

Our landside weekend opening hours remain extended until further notice.  We are waiving our Saturday charge and opening all day on Sunday at no extra charge.

All customers can see how the terminal is performing on our daily report status page.  This will tell you:

• What vessels are alongside and working.
• How many containers are in our yard including the number of empties and imports.
• The average truck turnaround time including how many appointments have been issued by DPWS versus how many booking appointments have been made by haulage companies.
• How many vehicles are currently waiting in each transfer area to get their slot, using a traffic light system to indicate how busy landside operations are.

The aim of this service is to be open and transparent about our performance and provide our customers with a live view on how the terminal is performing.

Thank you

Customer Service
DP World Southampton