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07 December 2017

Honda of the UK Manufacturing Limited (Honda) has once again singled out DP World Southampton (DPWS) for one of their prestigious supplier awards.

Pictured (R – L) Kenji Ichikawa, Chief Administrator Honda of the UK Manufacturing, Aart Hille Ris Lambers, Head of Commercial DP World Southampton and Jason Smith, Director Honda of the UK Manufacturing.


This is the second time the car-manufacturing giant, which has its UK production plant in Swindon, has honoured the South Coast terminal.

The award was presented at Honda’s annual Supplier Convention. It recognises the exceptional contribution that has been made by DP World Southampton’s team throughout the year, ensuring that vital shipments made their delivery on time and making every effort to try to prevent unplanned stops to the company’s production line.

Nick Loader, Chief Executive Officer, DP World Southampton, said:  “DP World is not just a ports and terminal business but an enabler of global trade.  We understand the pressures on our customers and we recognise our role as a vital link in the global supply chain.  We never forget that vessel delays can have a significant knock-on effect further along the supply chain and, as a container terminal, we always try to work with cargo owners to minimise delays to time critical cargoes.

“We have been working with Honda for a number of years now and they know that if they need help the team at DP World Southampton are only a phone call or email away.”

In order to respond quickly to their customers' needs, Honda employs the “just-in-time” production system and it is becoming more and more critical to produce products with the shortest possible lead-time. Suppliers are expected to have a reliable and flexible production system, which can react in a relatively short lead-time, and can be synchronized with their assembly lines.

Alan Williams, Department Manager, Procurement and Logistics from Honda, who is responsible for maximising the efficiency of the total supply chain for both domestic and international logistics, said:

“The award is in recognition of the exceptional support the team at DP World Southampton continue to give Honda.”

DP World Southampton was first awarded a Supplier Award from Honda in 2014.