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CNS provides regulatory compliance, customs release and the efficient movement of cargo through the supply chain.

A 100% owned subsidiary of DP World Southampton, CNS Compass provides a sort of electronic spider’s web of logistics intelligence, relaying real-time messages and giving instant visibility to the right people across the network. Effectively, it is at the heart of the swift, smooth movement of cargo through the system.

CNS Compass is clever :

  • It provides for electronic handling of all import and export information.
  • It enables regulatory compliance and Customs clearance.
  • It exchanges 55 million EDI messages per year with customers and government agencies.
  • It allows freight forwarders and logistics operators to monitor the progress of their clients’ cargo, arrange pick-up and delivery of
  • consignments, and move goods between locations.
  • This is an area where close cooperation really counts. CNS Compass is seamlessly integrated with our terminal operating systems.

Our container weighing soloution is provided through CNS Compass.

Find out more by visiting the CNS website