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Please note our new charges are listed below for 2020. 
2020 charges will be vaild from 01/01/2020 until 31/12/2020 inclusive.

Charges for Examination

 Please see below a table of charges for examination.

Customs Examination Fee per Entry £16.94

Customs Examination Fee per Removal

For every container X Rayed by Customs £67.37
Port Health Exam or Identity Check in addition to Statutory Exam & X Ray - Refrigerated Cargo £130.62
Port Health Exam or Identity Check in addition to Statutory Exam & X Ray - Dry Goods £116.18
Export examination if called for inspection- charged to shipping line or agent £663.09
Other Exams for refrigerated imports
e.g. DEFRA, Forestry Commission, MCA, Police, Trading Standards, Environment Agency and any other statutory bodies
Other Exams for imported dry goods
e.g. DEFRA, Forestry Commission, MCA, Police, Trading Standards, Environment Agency and any other statutory bodies

Examination Fees

Examination fees per entry apply to loaded import containers and cover the cost of moves to and from the exam area; initial gas checking as appropriate; and all examination types including tail board, part or full outturn, replacing and reporting seal numbers.

Additional Examination

Fees cover one examination per container. In the event that DP World Southampton is instructed by a statutory authority to undertake additional examinations the following charges are applicable.

Item 2020
Moves to and from the Examination Sheds, per container, per exam £42.51
Outturn and repack, per hour £212.53

ISPS and Infrastructure Charges

ISPS charges are subject to on-going review dependent on any new security regulations that might be introduced during the year. Any changes that might be necessary will be communicated to lines and forwarders prior to introduction.

Item 2020

ISPS Charge per Loaded Container


Infrastructure Charge

For the recovery of the private sector funding of the rail gauge upgrade from Southampton to Nuneaton to connect to the West Coast Main Line and for the recovery of the funding of the upgrading of the approach channel servicing the Port of Southampton (see letter from Associated British Ports (ABP)

Item 2020

Infrastructure charge per laden import container


You can read the October 2017 letter from Associated British Ports (ABP) about the 2018 change of the Infrastructure Charge as we charge it to clearance agents for containers imported through the Port of Southampton. The clearing agent will be credited 25p for each £8.50 charge to cover administrative costs

Waste facilities and charges

For up to date information regarding costs and disposal please email

Other charges

Removal of jammed twist locks / stacking cones £106.54 per container

For the hire of a leaker bay until cleaned: 

Hire of leaker bay, excluding cleaning costs £302.24

Escorting by a supervisor, for example for direct deliveries
(per container)

Mis-declared Containers
To ensure a safe working environment and recognise the admin work incurred for misdeclarations, a charge will apply to export containers which have been declared as empties but are found to be loaded upon arrival at the port.  This will be invoiced together with the SSR charge linked to the booking voyage and POD for ‘full’ containers.
2020: £115.48
Charge applies from 1st November 2019 with no increase in 2020.

Container weighing charges

All laden export containers are required to have a certified Verified Gross Mass (VGM) before being loaded onto a vessel. You can find out more about this on our dedicated container weighing website. Here you will also find more details about our container weighing charges listed below as well as pricing exceptions.

For our service applying to all laden export containers we will charge the following fees to recover our investments and additional (administrative) recurring costs, applicable for vessel departures from 1 July 2020 onwards:

Where the Shipper VGM is provided prior to arrival at the terminal £1.10 Per VGM supplied 
Shipper VGM provision after box arrival  £3.30 Per VGM supplied 
Additional charge if no VGM received 24 hours before the expected arrival of the vessel  £10.00 Per VGM not supplied in time
Where the terminal is requested to weigh the container and provide a Terminal VGM (TVGM) with electronic signature £19.25 Per VGM provided by terminal

VGM Mis-declaration fee 

(VGM measured by the terminal differs more than 900kg or 5% (whichever is more) from the shipper provided weight)

£23.00 Per instance

Special requests:

Re-weighing request of an export or import container (where this is still possible):

2020: Standard unit £52.89

           Reefer unit: £79.09 

Container weighing for ‘Out of Gauge’ containers

From 1 January 2018 onwards we are able to provide the VGM for “Out of Gauge” containers which can’t be handled by a Straddle Carrier with a standard spreader. The costs to determine the Terminal VGM for such Out of Gauge containers will be:

2020: £49.50 for the additional handling plus the standard weighing charge of £19.25.

To ensure smooth processing of your Out of Gauge containers, please timely contact to pre-notify us of the arrival at Southampton of such containers, if you want us to arrange the weighing.

Please note: The terminal will be required to provide relevant information to the MCA for auditing and examination purposes, which is included in the above charges.

Our prices and public tariffs are subject to annual RPI changes.

VBS charges

VBS charges and peak periods

For VBS opening hours, peak periods and a full list of charges, please follow this link.